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Sure, the fall colors seemed to be much more vibrant last October, but something else also happened on October 20th that I'm guessing we're glad DIDN'T happen this year.

Our extremely dry summer here in Rochester has apparently caused much of those vibrant fall colors of orange, red and yellow to be a little more muted this year. The Minnesota DNR's Fall Color Finder says, even though they're a little less vibrant this year, the fall colors are nearing their peak across much of Minnesota right now.

Last year, though, they were REALLY vibrant! Of course, on October 20th, 2020, those fall colors were also covered in... snow.


That's right, a year ago, southeast Minnesota got between 3 and 5 inches of snow! Officially, the National Weather Service says Rochester International Airport received 2.1 inches of snow. As the picture below shows, we had just under 4 inches of snow on our deck last year.


But wait, there's more! After that first snow on October 20th, 2020, Old Man Winter gave us ANOTHER round of snow on October 25th, 2020! Again, the National Weather Service says officially 2.1 inches of snow fell at Rochester International Airport. Other parts of Minnesota, like up in the Twin Cities, got even MORE snow a year ago, where with close to 8 inches of snow fell at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

When you add it all up, we actually got more snow in OCTOBER of 2020 than we did in December of 2020! So, while our fall colors MAY be a little less vibrant this year, at least we didn't have to shovel snow this fall, right?

Even if you like winter, it's a serious red flag if anyone says they like snow in October in Minnesota, right? Speaking of red flags, keep scrolling to check out some OTHER things people have said about Rochester and Minnesota that are definitely red flags!

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