To paraphrase one of their most famous songs, "it was 50 years ago today, the Beatles were in Minnesota to play". That's right, the Fab Four made their one and only concert stop in Minnesota at Metropolitan Stadium on August 21, 1965.

Like most other stops on that tour, it was pure pandemonium. Not only did their fans go crazy during the concert, but the press conference was pretty entertaining as well. George Harrison was given a new electric guitar from a local guitar shop. He was so impressed he played it on stage that night. Some of the reporters asked odd questions including "how do you sleep at night with your long hair?" Their answer to that question was "how do people sleep with their arms and legs attached?"

One of the best parts of the video clip was the interview with the cop at the end who explained how he had to lay down the law to the Liverpool lads. He talked about how police had to kick a young lady out of Paul McCartney's hotel room that night because she was in violation of a city ordinance of 'false hotel registration'. The Beatles were so displeased by the way the way they were treated by local law enforcement that they vowed to never return to Minnesota.