The humid air and huge amounts of rain we've had are making everything grow fast, including the weeds.  Before you spray weedkiller or pull the weeds out of your flower beds, look for this first!

We've got A LOT of weeds at my house, but one specific one was actually put in our yard on purpose.  And, we've been checking the leaves of these weeds every single day the last few weeks because we knew that the butterflies were in our area.  To be specific...monarch butterflies.

Before you pull that weed out of your flower beds or even till up the plot of land that you own...look first to see if it is milkweed.  Monarchs lay their eggs on these specific plants and they need these plants to be here for their babies.  If we take these weeds away, we will continue to see the monarch population decrease.

Want to save the monarchs?


Have you ever raised a monarch?  I'd love to learn about your tips!  Send me a message on my Facebook page or DM me on Instagram.  

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