It's creepy, it's crawly, and this bug is waiting to find you in Minnesota.  Yes, the ticks have been spotted and it's time to start doing tick checks again.

I live on an acreage with lots of woods and ticks are the norm at my house.  Bug spray is our perfume and is a must anytime we go outside to enjoy the outdoors...or if we want to just shoot some hoops.  These nasty bugs are everywhere but we found them in our yard in the middle of NW Rochester too.

Ticks are part of our #MinnesotaLife and are actually in our state all year long but we usually see them more during the months of March to October.  The Minnesota Department of Health has a lot of great info that you can find here.  It's important to remember that these bugs carry some nasty diseases like Lyme disease and following these tips will help prevent them from finding you:

  • When hiking our enjoying the outdoors, avoid tall grasses and vegetation and stay on trails that are cleared.
  • Use a bug spray ore repellant that has at least 20% DEET
  • Wear clothing that will cover your legs and arms and try to find items that are light-colored.  This will help you spot ticks easier.
  • Tuck your pants into your socks to help prevent the ticks from crawling on your legs.
  • Do a tick check.  Look at your clothes and on your body for any ticks.
  • Change your clothes and/or shower soon after you come inside.

What other tips do you have for keeping ticks away?  I'd love to hear about it!  Send me a message to my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio). or DM me on Instagram.

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