Y does she love her mother so much? It's the story of a grandma seeing a need, and literally changing her life to help her daughter and grandson. It's a beautiful story.

Brooke Bernard loves her mother, and when we asked for specific examples, she gave one that is both specific and so huge it's impossible to lock it down as one thing.

Here's her entry,...

Brooke Bernard

Y Do You Love Your Mother?

I love my mom for countless reasons but the most significant reasons is because she is a wonderful grandma to my son Braxton. When Braxton was born prematurely at 24 weeks, my mom instantly changed her life to help makes his life the best possible.

My mom retired from her job to help take him to his appointments. This has allowed me to continue working. Each week she takes him to numerous therapy and doctors appointments. She goes above and beyond to help him learn new skills and continue to improve. Even though Braxton sees my mom daily, his eyes light up and his legs start to kick every time we walk into her house.

I am very fortunate to say that Braxton’s favorite person is his grandma. Both Braxton and myself are lucky to have her!

What an incredible gift mom has given Brooke and Braxton.

How will grandma spend the money?  Brook thinks maybe some zoo and pizza!

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