Did you know buildings can be funny? They can... like the ones in the video and the one down below, on West Circle Drive. Holy moly, does this one make me laugh! Why? Because it looks like Donald Trump!

I actually got the tip from my sister Joan. She was driving by it and her eyes went agog. She was so excited, she couldn't wait until the next day when we were meeting for lunch. She called and left a message.

"James!  JAMES!  Rochester has a Donald Trump building!  It's over on West River Parkway... kinda just in front of Cinemagic!"

When I saw her at lunch, she asked if I saw the building yet.

Sister: Have you seen it? Did you see the Donald Trump building?

Me: Not yet. I've been too busy to get over there and it's just too far out of my way to drive for just that.

Sister: It's five miles.

Me: Five long miles with super poky drivers. I'll see it when I'm over there after 6 when there are almost no cars.

Sister: (sighs) They're going to finish it. You'll never see it.

Me: I promise I'll see it soon. It's not like it'll be all done in a day.

Sister: Well, you know what they say... hair today  gone tomorrow.

Wait... what? Did she do the whole Donald Trump building as a set-up for THAT joke?

No. No she did not. I saw the building... and I saw it, too.



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