Is it overkill? Or is it practical during a sunny day in Minnesota? Can you wear a ball cap and sunglasses at the same time?

Here I am, modeling the apparently potentially-annoying look.

It all started when I overheard two women talking about their husbands who dared wear both a baseball cap AND a pair of sunglasses...AT THE SAME TIME! I was standing in line in a crowded downtown restaurant when I overheard two women talking. One of them seemed appalled that her husband would do such a thing.

Not wanting to eavesdrop, but now being somewhat sucked into their conversation -- seeing as they were right in front of me in the same line -- I heard how the one women thinks her hubby should wear ONE of those things, but not both at the same time.

"I'm like, 'pick one!'" she said to her friend. "Yeah, wearing both seems to be a bit much," the other woman said, "I mean, they do the same thing," she replied.

That's where things pretty much ended. But it got me thinking, gee, I've worn a baseball cap and sunglasses at the same time. Is that wrong?!? I never gave it much thought. And I sure didn't know it was apparently an annoying thing to do.

And, they pointed out that they were talking about when a guy wears a baseball cap with the bill in front. Here I agree with them, as even I think it looks a little silly when a guy wears a ball cap backwards but then wears sunglasses too.

So, what say you? Can a guy in Minnesota wear a baseball cap along with a pair of sunglasses?

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