The Salvation Army and Wehrenberg Theatres invite you to take part in the annual CANS Film Festival this Saturday (Dec 5, 2015) from 10am to 5pm.

Guests who bring five canned food items (boxed, non-perishable also accepted) to the Galaxy 14 Cine & IMAX Theatre will receive free admission to any movie that day before 5pm. Guests who bring an additional ten cans or more (15 or more total per person) will also receive a free movie pass for a future visit. In addition, Wehrenberg Theatres will again award a year-long movie pass to the single largest donation received in the theatre circuit.

CANS Film Festival helps stock local food pantries every year during the holiday season when those less fortunate need it most. The Rochester theatre has seen over 14,000 cans donated in one day during past events. Organizers hope to set a new record this year.

The Galaxy 14 Cine & IMAX Theatre is located at 4340 Maine Ave SE in Rochester. For more information about the Salvation Army, visit

(Cans Film Festival)