BEWARE!  The City of Rochester, Minnesota Police Department just sent out the following message to the community of a few scams that are making their rounds again.

⚠️Scam Alert!⚠️
There are a couple scams we want to warn you about --
1. Victims receive emails from someone claiming to be from the Amazon Fraud Department. Victims are instructed to purchase gift cards and read the numbers from the cards over the phone.
2. Victims receive calls from someone claiming to be with the Drug Enforcement Administration saying a vehicle in their name was seized with drugs in it. Victims are instructed to purchase gift cards or send money through U.S. mail to clear their name.
Delete the emails! Hang up the phone! - City of Rochester, MN Police Department Facebook page


If someone asks you over the phone to purchase gift cards - Hang Up!

I just saw a post on Facebook the other day of an individual who was shopping at a store in Byron, Minnesota who encountered an elderly gentlemen who was attempting to purchase several gift cards.  These cards were not for family but because of a phone call he received.  The cashier and individual believed it was a scam that he had fallen victim to but he was not listening and said he would just go buy the cards somewhere else.

That gentleman isn't the only one falling for the scam.  A Rochester woman was the victim of a two-stage scam and lost $2,600.  You can read that story here.

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Please talk to your loved ones about these phone scams!

If you have loved ones that maybe aren't on the internet, have Facebook to see all of these stories, or maybe just have a tendency to believe these types of scams more than others, please print this story off and give it to them directly.  Call them yourself and tell them to PLEASE not continue speaking with these individuals on the phone and to hang up.

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Have you seen the scam about running a red light yet?

I get this e-mail scam at least once a month, if not more.  It's funny because while I was working from home during COVID and driving nowhere, I was still getting the scam sent to my inbox.  If you haven't seen this e-mail yet, I have a copy of it here for you here.

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