Sometimes you need something a little controversial to get Christmas Dinner conversation going. I have the perfect topic. Not politics, not! What's the topic? Here's your prompt. say this, and get ready for an hour of talk.

"A hot dog is really a taco."

A hot dog is a what?


And you're off. Here's why it's come up. People used to say a hot dog was a sandwich, because it was filling between two pieces of starch. But it's not. It's filling folded into a single piece of starch. So the Washington Post got into the act and now, obviously, a HOT DOG is a TACO.

A few more? Sure.

  • Vanilla soy lattes are really three-bean soup.
  • Enchiladas are sushi
  • Cherry pie is a bread bowl.
  • A corn dog is a calzone
  • A jelly donut is a calzone,
  • Fried rice is a salad.

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