When I stepped inside the Real Deals on Home Decor store in Rochester recently...I took a deep breath in and thought, "these people understand me".  The words on the wall, the clothes and barn door.  LUV! Well, they made an announcement this week that everyone will truly love!

If you haven't been there, let me give you a visual.  The clothes, clocks, beautiful decorations that basically look like Joanna Gaines used her magic wand to grace our presence...and the words on the wall...Yum!  It is a beautiful masterpiece of awesome everywhere you look.

I would happily take all the items, especially the clothes, and put them in my closet and on my walls. My issue though is that I just don't have a lot of time to shop...by myself...without children on my side saying, "are we done in this store yet?" or "I have to go potty.".  So when I heard the store is going online, I freaked out. *and my husband quickly cut up my credit cards - ;) 

Check out their Facebook post below and see how you can save more money at this great store and even score some gift cards.  All of you that see this, you should tag my Facebook page...cause you will get an extra entry if you tag someone so it might as well be me!

Are you ready to join their online group for the online boutique?  Find it here...and let them know that Jessica Williams on the radio sent ya!

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