Are you ever worried that you'll be murdered on a first date with somebody?

Today's adventure is comical because it was funny to Keisha, but it's also super creepy and frightening because he opened with a question that would make anyone put up walls in a split second.

Adventures In Dating With Keisha - Episode 6

Keisha Diephuis
Keisha Diephuis

"So his introduction was so like, are you ever worried that you'll be murdered on a first date with somebody?"

My first response was...WHAT? But there would be more what's on the way.

Keisha, a single mom in Rochester, Minnesota shares her adventures in dating with us, and it's a lighthearted, but sometimes serious, walk through the life of dating apps.

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"That was, that was the first question he asked me and I was like, well, I am now! Seriously. I put all kinds of precautions in place."

The Creepy Man asked about the precautions, what were they? Keisha laid it out, "There are about four people who have your information now, they know where we're at, and what time I'm expected to check-in. And they will not hesitate to avenge my murder."

She was giving as good as he gave, but she was serious, too. When he asked if they want to plan a day to get together (I threw in another WOW, the lack of awareness with this dude!), he said he promised he wouldn't murder her. Which is, of course, just what you would expect him to say.

Please be careful making dates. hello-i-m-nik-Ln2v2Bgi8hU-unsplash
Please be careful making dates. hello-i-m-nik-Ln2v2Bgi8hU-unsplash

"I was like, maybe I should have stopped at that first, like when he first approached me, but I was curious to see where he was going. So I wanted to keep talking to him just to see where he was going. But then I was, "should have blocked him at that first at that first question there!"

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I totally understand the pushing the boundaries moment Keisha had. I've been in situations where I should not have moved forward, but I didn't seem willing to resist the temptation to find out what happens next. Thankfully, I've been lucky.

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