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I haven't been to Dairy Queen since I was a kid. Words cannot explain how much I miss being able to devour a strawberry cheesecake blizzard! While I still can't eat that, I'm super pumped to be able to enjoy a DQ treat in the very near future. It was just announced that you will be able to get a vegan dilly bar in the very near future. Get. In. My. Belly!

PETA was the first to share the news: "Behold: Dairy Queen’s non-dairy Dilly Bar, made with coconut cream and dipped in tasty chocolate. The gluten-free bar is a vegan take on the chain’s original Dilly Bar, which is typically made with milk that’s been stolen from cows. These dairy-free bars are currently being offered at participating Dairy Queen locations and will soon be available nationwide, starting on May 18th!"

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