Have you ever sat on your deck just enjoying life while having your laptop open?  Working form home on your deck is a glorious thing on those gorgeous 70ish degree days in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.  We only get about 4 1/2 of these awesome days so we gotta enjoy them.  But, every time you sit outside and look at a screen on a gorgeous day, you are actually flirting with danger.

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The danger of looking at computer and tablet screens while sitting outside in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

A lot of us sit on our decks and pull out our phones or tablets to do a variety of things.  Do a little work. Get some grocery delivery set up.  Heck, now that places are open again in Minnesota, we are sitting outside and doing a little "work" at the tables at the coffee shop.  BUT, there is this thing called the mirrored effect that is happening to your skin and THAT is NOT a good thing.

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What is the mirrored effect and why is it bad?

According to the Skin Care Ascension Seton website, the screens on our phones, tables, and laptops don't emit harmful UV rays.  But, when we are outside, using these devices in the sun can put your skin in danger because the screen is acting like a mirror.  The sun is basically bouncing off the screen and is reflecting onto your skin.

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What to do to help protect your skin while you are using devices outside.

Here are a few tips to help keep your skin safe while using devices outside:

Wear Sunscreen.  I know it seems like an obvious choice but this is a daily habit that many people just don't do.  Get in the routine to always apply sunscreen.

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Find makeup products with additional sun protection.  If you wear makeup, go on a search to find products that have a little extra added protection for your skin.  You are already putting it on your face and body, you might as well get a little extra while you are adding that foundation.

Photo by MaxeyLash on Unsplash
Photo by MaxeyLash on Unsplash

 Stay in the shade.  Staying out of the direct sunlight may not be the best for your even tan but it will help limit that reflection off your device.

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