Holy Mother of Peal! We got us an old fashioned December here...but boy is it going to be cold! Here's what you need to know...

According to our peeps at the National Weather Service in LaCrosse, there's a wind chill advisory in effect for tonight and tomorrow.

Dangerous cold tonight with wind chills from -15 to -30 F. Take precautions to protect yourself and pets from the cold. Limit outdoor exposure.

Also, we can expect a winter storm Friday thru Saturday. They're saying we'll get several inches of snow, but how much exactly? They aren't saying yet. And finally,

...it looks to get real cold for Saturday night into Monday, with wind chills as cold as -20 to -40.

When it gets so cold, wind chill wise, remember...keep your skin covered. Frost bite can happen in two shakes of a lambs tail, and it can be avoided by covering your skin.

Oh, and keep hydrated...water in, and lotion on, as Tracy says.