I love this letter to Miss Manners, the etiquette advice columnist. The parents complain that their kid skipped her own graduation party, but Miss Manners lays into the parents,

From the letter...

For our daughter’s graduation from high school, we planned a small party for her with immediate family and a few neighbors and close friends.

My daughter does not like parties, so we asked her the week before to please let us know if she was feeling uncomfortable and we would call it all off, no problem. She said she would be okay with it, and we told her she could just come for a bit to say hi and thank her guests.

The short version is the daughter promised to be there and then, day of, ghosted. She left the house and didn't come back. AND, blew off her grandparents, too.

The parents asked if they had to return the gifts, which is insulting most of the time, but in this case, wouldn't it be ruder to keep them? Miss Manners said to return 'em with a note saying their kid doesn't get to keep gifts from a party she wouldn't even attend for a few minutes.

Then she lit into the parents!

...there is the question of why you even considered giving a party for someone who hates parties and your willingness to allow guests to make plans that you offered to cancel a week before.

Angry Mother and Daughter Therapy
Lisa F. Young

Bam! Take that poopy parents! I agree, the daughter is responsible for skipping the party after promising to be there, but in my book, the parents are worse, when they put on a party for a daughter they know hates parties.

I have this radical idea. When someone you love tells you something, don't assume you know better. If I tell you I cannot eat chocolate, don't decide I don't know what I'm talking about and try to force chocolate down my throat Mr. Gross Old Reporter Guy.

Yeah, that happened. I was 10 and he literally held my head and tried to force a chocolate mint past my clenched teeth.

He was a jerk and these parents are jerks for even planning it. I wonder if the daughter has endured a life of "We say we're doing this for you, but really its about us!" I bet her wedding'll be a gas.

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