Here are my Top Five picks for the biggest movies of the far.

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Rolling Stone has put together a list of the Top 11 movies of the year, so far. You can see that here.

Some of the movies on the list I haven't even heard of!- - like a documentary on director Brian De Palma, titled (amazingly enough!) De Palma. There's a musical on the list called Sing Street, a historical horror movie called The Witch.

My picks are the ones we've all heard about and have seen, probably more than once. Check out my picks, and if I missed one, share your pick(s) for top movie(s) of the far.

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    Yeah, Finding Dory just crushed the box office with the highest opening for an animated film. There's really no surprise to Finding Dory. We'd all been expecting it to come out. But Zootopia is that surprise breakout hit that's kinda taken audiences by surprise.

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    The Jungle Book

    Two words: Jon Favreau. He's the genius behind Zathura and the first Iron Man film. If that wasn't enough how about Christopher Walken as orangutan King Louie? "Yee-ow, more cowbell!"

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    Hail, Caesar

    When Joel and Ethan Coen collaborate with George Clooney, there seems to be magic. They're the guys behind movies like Raising Arizona, Fargo, The Big Lebowski, the True Grit remake and O Brother, Where Art Thou. Clooney's no slacker at the box office either.

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    Captain America: Civil War

    Captain America: Civil War was another highly anticipated movie. The latest chapter - or issue - in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Maybe it should have been called The Avengers Interlude, or somethin', since it was just jam-packed with heroes all fighting each other. It was what some expected Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice to be (Boom!)

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    Ryan Reynolds sure has redeemed himself for the sourness that was Green Lantern. We've been waiting SEVEN years for a Deadpool movie. There have been teases for a long time. Deadpool pulled a Babe Ruth, pointing to exactly where it was going to hit the home run. Two syllables: fran-chise.

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