You and I spend two hours a day - TWO HOURS A DAY - stressed out! Just what are we so stressed out over? It probably won't come as any surprise that there's a Top 5 for that.

Stressed Out at Work
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Numbers make my head hurt. But, I try to figure out the math on when I need to be where I need to be. Appointments, meetings, conferences, start time at work - I try to be a few minutes early. I'd rather have a few minutes to kill than be stared at walking in either "on time" or late.

You and I spend two hours a day stressed out. That adds up to five-and-a-half YEARS of our lives! That's a lot of stress! Over what? Here's a look at the Top 5 things we stress out over.

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    You've got that project. You know when it's due. Is it the deadline, or is it the amount of work involved in the project that's got you stressed? I was never very good at homework. I'm trying to pass on a better work ethic to my kids by helping them either "Git 'er done" or "Do it now". Get the work out of the way, then play video games.

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    A Family Member's Health Issues

    At 83, my mom's got heart issues and is on blood thinner. If there's someone in your family that has health issues, that's taking a toll in stress on you, too.

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    Our Own Health Issues

    How are you feeling today? Are you the kind of person that stresses out over your own health? Do you have health issues that are stressing you out? Stress can actually lead to poorer health...

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    There's nothing worse than getting stuck in traffic! Or slowed down by construction! That's why I try to give myself a few extra minutes, just in case something unexpected comes up. Life usually happens after you make plans.

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    Being Late

    There's nothing worse than being late. Okay, there are some things worse than being late. Well, there are a LOT of things worse than being late. A person can get over being late. Unless, you're that person who is chronically, habitually late. Set an alarm. Give yourself a few extra minutes. Figure out how many extra minutes you need. This weekend might help. We 'Fall Back' as Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend, and we'll all get an "extra hour" to work with! Make the most of it!

    Justin Sullivan