Dear Rochester school employees that had to clean out the kids' lockers...

I know what my kids' room looks like, even after I tell him to clean it.  I also know that I told my kid to bring everything - EVERYTHING - home from school before Spring Break hit.  Covid-19 left us with a lot of questions and no one really knew at that time when or if the kids would be walking through the building again with their classmates this school year.  I had a gut feeling that everything needed to come home.  That's what I told my kids and reminded them about 10,000 times.  Besides a bunch of his textbooks, guess what else didn't make it home that day?

His lunchbox.

Next week, my kiddo gets to retrieve all of his "stuff" that is waiting for him at school.  I know that someone took the time to go through each locker and gather everything up for all of the kids, including mine, and I just gotta say "thank you".  That is a HUGE job and when we are talking about kids that are in middle school you really don't know if you are going to open that door to a locker full of glitter and cute photos or a disaster of smells from old gym clothes or forgotten lunchboxes.

To all who put on those gloves and opened those lockers for the first time since deserve a raise.

From, a mom who knows the smells of middle school,

Jessica Williams

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