It happened around mile eight at the Twin Cities Marathon. Tyler Moon stumbled, fell...and would likely have died if it wasn't for the man running right behind him. Was it a miracle or just an awesome coincidence? You decide.

Tyler Moon is a 25-year-old from Eden Prarie. He loves to run, so he signed up for the ten-mile race during the marathon. He asked for his racing bib to say Jesus Saves. In the Pioneer Press, he said, “I was pretty excited to get up and do it. I’d been looking forward to it for a really long time.”

Moon hit mile eight and his heart suddenly stopped pumping blood for about 10 seconds. He had a heart attack and fell, and thankfully, the man running right behind him was a nurse. Jesus "Jesse" Bueno, is a certified RN anesthetist and dropped down, told someone to call 911, and started CPR with a colleague until the paramedics arrived. After using a defibrillator, Tyler was taken to the hospital and is doing well.

Click HERE to see more and learn the names of ALL the folks that helped Moon survive. There was a bunch of 'em!

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