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On Monday I wrote about a Kellogg teen who'd passed away, and how a chicken came to spend all its time at the grave of this young man. And I have good and bad news.

To good news is that, according to Aidan Miller's mom, Karen, the story spread all over, so the memory of Aidan lives on, stronger than before. The sad news is that the chicken, named Angel by the family, has gone away.

"All good things must come to an end and so is the case for our Angel. She disappeared as mysteriously as she appeared!

I stopped to feed and water her yesterday morning and was relieved she had made it through another night, but when I went back to water the flowers last evening, she wasn’t there. I went back up this morning, and she was still gone.

We are so grateful that her, and Aidan’s story touched so many. Maybe that was part of her mission, to bring Aidan’s story to others who wouldn’t have otherwise gotten to hear about him. I know we have many more people praying for us on the first “Angelversary” of Aidan’s death and what a blessing that is! We are thankful for the smiles she brought these past few weeks and know that there was truly something special about Angel the chicken.

The past couple days I have been hearing this song on the radio, in fact, it was playing as I made my way to the cemetery last night. It’s an older song and I’ve heard it so many times before, but it spoke to my heart in a way it never did before July 22nd last year. Because I don’t believe in coincidences, I think there was a reason I was hearing it at this time. The words seem so fitting, for both Angel and Aidan, and such a great reminder to us all. When you have a moment, take a listen…"

And yeah,tears.


Original story - 

Angel the Chicken didn't arrive at Aidan Miller's Immaculate Conception Catholic Church grave with a name tag, but, according to this KARE11 story, he got the name soon after.

“Next Wednesday, July 22nd, it will be one year since he passed away,” Karen Miller, Aidan’s mom, points out...She's brought a lot more smiles than tears these past few weeks...Aidan’s parents do know their son loved animals and was especially fond of the chickens his family used to raise on their farm.

Courtesy of the Miller Family.
Courtesy of the Miller Family.

Why does the chicken spend time only at Aidan's grave? Recently Karen Miller found out she had breast cancer...and about that time, Angel the Chicken got much closer to her. Coincidence? Having cared for chickens I'm going to say no, that's not a coincidence.

Courtesy of the Miller Family.
Courtesy of the Miller Family.

Long ago there was a radio personality, playwright, and occasional actor named Alexander Woollcott. At my mother's memorial service her eulogy included a line from Woolcott directed at my father. I can't remember the exact quote, but after looking at and reading Aidan's pictures and story, I can paraphrase and say to his family, "You fortunate ones, you had that wonderful kid in your life for 16 years."\

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