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The 2022 holiday season is upon us, with all the wonderful traditions it brings. But does one of your traditions involve eating the Most Hated Christmas Food in Minnesota?

While the pandemic undoubtedly made your holidays different the past few years, one of the things that remains a constant is indulging in some of those beloved traditions that center around the special foods and festive drinks we enjoy over the Christmas and New Year holidays.

For me, it's not the holidays until I have a Tom and Jerry (a holiday drink my dad always made on Christmas Eve-- you can read more about it HERE) and some genuine Christmas cookies. A friend of mine always looks forward to the oyster stew his family makes on Christmas Eve.

But will your celebrations this year include having a bite of the Most-Hated Christmas Food in Minnesota? According to this new survey from the crew over at SeriouslySmoked.com, it DID-- if you served green bean casserole this year. That's right, it turns out the venerable green bean casserole was Minnesota's Most Hated Christmas Food this year.


Their survey looked at geotagged Twitter data since December 1st, and tracked negative Tweets about Christmas food. (This includes direct phrases such as "I hate deviled eggs," "Cranberry sauce is disgusting," "Sweet potatoes are gross," "I hate fruitcake," etc.) The food with the most negative sentiment made the map. And here in Minnesota, it was green bean casserole. Wait, what?!?

I mean, while I actually LIKE green bean casserole, I usually associate it more with Thanksgiving than I do Christmas, but I guess I must be in the minority here. (Although, as the survey noted only negative tweets were tracked, and plenty of people in each state still also love these foods.) Green bean casserole was the Most Hated Christmas Food in five other states, as well, including New York, Missouri, Colorado, Wyoming, and Alaska.

Over in my home state of Wisconsin, cranberry sauce was the most hated while down in Iowa, stuffing came up at the top of the Most Hated Christmas Food list. Other notable holiday foods like pumpkin pie, turkey, and jello salad also made an appearance on the Most-Hated Christmas Food list, as well.


And while we're still on the subject of the holidays, did Santa bring you everything you wanted this year? Keep scrolling to take a walk down memory lane to relive some presents we just HAD to have back in the day.

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