A Massive Red Nose Was Spotted in Rochester, Minnesota

If your social media was blowing up with red spots this week, don't worry, it wasn't your old eyes.  It was probably because of Red Nose Day happening throughout the United States, including in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois.

Can You Name These 12 Rochester, Minnesota Locations?

If you stopped at Walgreen's the past few years, you probably saw little, tiny red noses that were sitting on the counter for sale. They are super cheap and every time someone buys a red nose, a child in our world is helped. I happened to buy a few of those red noses and went on a selfie challenge as I helped spread the word about this amazing way to help others in our world. Look through the photos and see if you can name all of the places in Rochester, Minnesota that I visited.

If you've never heard or read about Red Nose Day, learn more about Red Nose Day at the website here.

How many places in Rochester were you able to guess?

Let's see if you can name all of these places where I went with my red nose!  Share your guesses with me over on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram.

How Did Red Nose Day Get Started?

Red Nose Day was launched in the US in 2015, dedicated to ending child poverty, both in the US and in some of the poorest communities in the world. According to the website for Red Nose Day, over $275 million has been raised and 30 million children in America and around the world have been helped.  Learn more and get a digital nose this year here.


What stresses you out the most when you are out driving on a road?

According to a poll by IAM Roadsmart, 42% of drivers in MinnesotaIowaWisconsinIllinois, and throughout the United States were extremely stressed out after the pandemic to drive in traffic jams again.  So I have to ask, now that we are all driving again, what makes your heart rate go up when you are behind the wheel?  I asked that question to people throughout the midwest and here are 32 of the top answers.

Top 32 Things that Stress Out People While They are Driving

You hop in your car and are ready to go but then panic sets in because _______.  

There are so many answers that can go in that blank. In fact, you may have had one of those stresses just a little bit ago in your car. Look below to see some of the top things that stress people out while they are driving in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

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