Being in the heart of the action every day is exciting, but city life can get a little...well, dirty. We're talking congested traffic, trash cans that are overflowing, and maybe even a furry visitor spotted running next to a wall (gross).  Yeah, if that last bit of "dirty" that some cities experience isn't your thing, there are two cities in Minnesota you might not want to claim as "home".

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Two Minnesota Towns on List of Homes With The Most Signs of Mice and Rats

If you would have told me 10 years ago that I'd be moving into a house that was infested with mice, I would never have believed you.  I'm not a fan of rodents.  Knowing that one...or 30...were living in my house with me would have freaked me out.  But, I did.  There were so many mice in our house, they took the insulation out of our wall cavities and the pipes in one of our bathrooms were freezing because of it.  It wasn't just mice though, we also had voles, which look very similar but are still nasty creatures, especially when you can hear their little feet running across the ceiling cavity above you as you are watching T.V.  What makes this whole situation better, the seller knew that there was a mice problem.  They didn't disclose it on the documents for the house but they knew, and we know that they knew because we found a note where the husband wrote, "Have fun this weekend at the house with the mice while I'm gone.  Miss you.".

Our house has been gutted since and we got the mouse problem figured out very fast because my home is mine, not for rodents.  (I also have some very large dogs that would like to have a word with any creature that crosses their paths.)

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Evidence of mice is something I can spot very easily now, due to that nasty experience.  Based on a recent survey by LawnStarter, two towns in Minnesota probably have residents that also are great at spotting mice.  Unfortunately, these two towns just landed as places with the most signs of mice and rats in homes.  (And it is NOT a town where I live.)

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LawnStarter Reveals The Dirtiest Cities in America

If you don't like pollution, nasty living conditions full of mice, rats, roaches, and other disgusting creatures, or congestion, there are several cities you'll want to avoid.  LawnStarter recently compiled tons of data to figure out the dirtiest cities in America.  Here are a few of the top findings from the data:

  • If you love breathing clean air, stay out of California.  They had 5 cities tie for the worst air quality - Riverside, San Bernardino, Fontana, Ontario, and Rancho Cucamonga.
  • If garbage isn't really your thing, Cincinnati, Ohio probably isn't your next home.  They have the highest tonnage of waste in landfills per 100,000 residents.
  • Houston, Texas has major issues!  It is the 3rd most polluted, has the biggest cockroach problem, and comes in at #3 for the worst in greenhouse gas emissions from large industrial facilities.
  • Highest number of homes that have signs of mice or rats in the last year - Boston is #1, Philadelphia is #2, Baltimore is #3, and Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota tie for that #4 spot.

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