My kids are pretty smart. Most kids are. They've figured out a fun way to beat the heat on a day like today!

On the coldest day in January, it's important to remember a day like today. When the wind is howling, there's a couple feet of snow on the ground and you've got a mile long stretch to shovel before the kids head off to school and you have to head in to work.

Popicorn From the Bergchives
From the Bergchives

I'm taking total credit for how smart my kids are. They've figured out a fun, great way to beat the heat.

They love the trampoline in the backyard. What they do to take the trampoline to the next level is they grab the garden hose and hook it up. Then, they hook it over the rail of the deck. Over the trampoline. Then they turn the faucet on. The trampoline becomes a tram-pool-ine!

Tram-pool-Ine! From the Bergchives
From the Bergchives

So, how do you and your kids beat the heat on a day like this?

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