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When almost four inches of rain fell on Rochester yesterday, a lot of things happpened. One of 'em was flash flooding. Like in this video, shot in front of Moka, on the corner at 306 12th Street SE.

A huge thank you to Dawn Swenson, who captured the video, for letting us share it here. It's racked up thousands of views already. How do people NOT remember to avoid standing water with their cars? Or do they think they'll make it thru with no trouble? Well, probably that's it, but doing untold damage to the car.

According to the comments on the video, that car was stalled out and teh passengers were stranded until the water went down. How long did it take? The concensous seems to be less than 20 minutes before Swimming Hole On 12th  disappeared.

Diamond Shilts
Diamond Shilts

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