If you saw a woman jumping up and down in the store today, that was me, because today I found something new at Hy-Vee that gave me free food and some extra savings.  And if you think I'm talking about Fuel Saver...well, that is just the start.  ;)

My trip to the store with the kids was supposed to be fast but let's be honest, that never happens.  The only item on our list was found and our adventure could have been done at that point...but it was actually just starting.

I somehow wandered into the meat and cheese aisle and saw a note attached to some lunchmeat.  It was something about a coupon and a way to get 30 cents off a gallon with fuel saver.  I didn't bring my coupons today because I wasn't planning on actually getting lots of groceries - the goal was just birthday treats - but now that I saw this, I needed it.  That is 30 cents off a gallon.  You can fill your car up to 20 gallons so that is a total of $6.00!  That is huge in my eyes!

No coupon but I wanted to save the money so I had two of the kids go off to find some coupons somewhere in the store.  While I waited for them, I remembered that there is an app I use for Fuel Saver.  Maybe by some miracle that coupon is on the app.  I opened it up and BAM!...right there in front of me is something I have never seen before.

The screen that popped up showed my fuel saver amount but I saw something else; to the left and right of the screen were other pages.  I did a little bit of swiping and saw recipes, online shopping pages and then, I saw it.  HyVee exclusive DEAL.

WHAT?!  I have no idea when this arrived but of course, I clicked on it.  BAM!  Free cream cheese all for me.

I decided to discover more of the app and also found coupons that I could add to my Fuel Saver card right there.  I went through all the coupons and just clicked on it and BAM! the coupon is loaded onto my card.

How much did I save with on impromptu shopping trip?  Over $10 in coupons and on products that had a discount if I used my Fuel Saver Card.  I also now have 58 cents on my Fuel Saver card, which is a total of $11.60 on 20 gallons of gas.

Are you ready to check out the savings that are just waiting for you to click on?  Here is a website to get you started:  HyVee Deals

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