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I have three teenagers. They all have unique and quirky tastes when it comes to food. My son, Justin, loves pickles, but not on his burgers. He and his brother, Ethan, love jalapenos. They'll eat them on any thang! They'll have Tabasco on their Ramen noodles. My daughter, Bella, used to think ketchup was really, really spicy. Too strong spicy.

Kids put condiments, like ketchup, on all kinds of things. What foods do you add ketchup to? According to a new BuzzFeed survey, here are the Top 5 foods that people put ketchup on.

5. 10% say they use ketchup  on steak or pot roast.

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4. 13% admit to putting ketchup on pizza. On. Pizza. Because the pizza sauce is just not enough, right?

3. 14% confess they put ketchup on potato chips. Must be the minority that are not guacamole or cheese fans.

2. 37%, and rightly so, say they put ketchup on their scrambled eggs. Salt, pepper, ketchup.

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1. Wait, what now? 42% openly admit that they put ketchup on fried chicken! Now, I can see a choice of ketchup with barbecue sauce, ranch dressing, horse radish or honey mustard. But who gets a bucket of fried chicken and splashes ketchup on that? Is that you?

James and Tracy and I have a lot of fun together. But this is just totally unique.

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