Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - A Rochester man was scheduled to meet with the City Council Monday afternoon to discuss possibly amending a city ordinance to allow him to keep his domesticated black fox as a pet, but some recent events will likely result in the removal of the discussion from the Council’s agenda.

It seems another Rochester resident shot and killed the fox with a bow and arrow after it got loose last Thursday and he mistook it for a wild animal when he found it foraging around his deck. A police department spokesman says the man, who contacted the Police Department on Friday after he read an article about the pet fox in the Post Bulletin, expressed remorse as he explained that he had never seen a fox in the city and was concerned that it could be rabid.

He also indicated he had placed the carcass in his freezer with the idea that he might have the animal mounted. It has since been returned to the owner and the man could face charges for shooting his bow and arrow in city limits.

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