Rochester's 4th Street SW project brings something entirely new to the Med City. In fact, a few somethings we've not had before. It'll seem weird at first, but once you drive it a few times, it'll all make sense.

A few obvious things first...

  • Bike lanes painted and marked more clearly.
  • Bike lanes next to curb in "buffer zone".
  • Cars parked OUT from the curb, sandwiching the bike lane with the curb.
  • Bike Boxes, so bikers have a place to stop where they'll be visible (turns on red are NOT allowed at intersections with bike boxes).
  • Motorized vehicles stop behind the bike boxes.

There's a fantastic graphic that explains all of it. Here's just a bit of it.

Thanks to City of Rochester - Public Works -- Click for link.
Thanks to City of Rochester - Public Works -- Click for link.

Click here to see the whole thing.

Three things I really like about the new design.

a) The crosswalks are shorter, so you're in the street less time (and there's more sidewalk space for you to use)

ii) The median works as a safe spot. A lot of people walk, even tho they have medical issues that make it difficult.

3) Everything is designed so all 4th Street users can see each other.

Learn all about the redesign here.

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