The buzz in Rochester the past few months has been the Lime Scooters that we see all over downtown. They are an alternate form of transportation for folks to get around. In Minneapolis, there are bikes that provide the same access to transportation. The company that powers those bikes is Nice Ride Minnesota. Bring Me The News says that the company wants to bring pedal assistant bikes to Minneapolis by 2020.

The article says that Lyft owns the company and its plan is to distribute 2,000 of these bikes throughout Minneapolis. They are hoping to have 200 docking stations for these bikes, so it is easy for users to use. So what is so special about these bikes? When you are riding them, you will get assistance from a motor, so you can navigate traffic easier.

It sounds like these bikes would be similar to the Lime Scooters. You would be charged ten cents a minute to use them. If you return the bike to one of the Nice Ride docking stations you won't be charged a docking fee. If you chose to lock the bike up on a public rack, you will be charged a dollar redocking fee. The article states that there are bike locks attached to the bikes.

These prices are quite different than the current Nice Ride Minnesota Bikes. They will cost you around two dollars for 30 minutes or six dollars for the day. Bring Me The News says that these dockless bikes will be deactivated on November 30th of 2019 for the season.

ABC 6 News in Rochester did a report about the Lime Scooters last week. They stated the Lime Scooter Season wrapped up on Friday. Over the course of the season in Rochester, a lot of folks took them for a ride. We had 200 scooters in Rochester. Over the course of the summer, there were 50,641 rides that took place and the scooters traveled around 63,000 miles. If the Lime Scooters made that much of an impact on Rochester, image what the Nice Ride pedal assistant bikes would do. If everything works out for Minneapolis, should we bring these bikes to Rochester? Let us know what you think about our app!

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