It seems to be the week of refrigerator recalls.  Another one just popped up on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website and involves a refrigerator sold between August 2020 through February 2022 in Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and throughout the United States.  This recall is due to 139 reports that the hinge broke on the door and unfortunately, five people have been injured.


55,000 Refrigerators Sold at Lowes Recalled in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and throughout the United States

According to, a recall has been issued for a French door refrigerator sold exclusively at Lowes and  According to the report, the hinge on the refrigerator door can break and as the owner is using the product and opening the door, it is detaching and has caused 5 injuries so far.

Below are some of the details of the product:

  • Name of the product: Hisense French Door Refrigerators with Ice Maker
  • Description: 26.6 cubic foot capacity stainless steel French door refrigerator with ice maker
  • Model Number: HRF266N6CSE
  • Serial Numbers: C2020050100001 through C2020123109000.  (You can find these printed on a label on the left side of the interior of the refrigerator, typically above the water dispenser.
  • Refrigerators are 36 inches wide and 74 inches high
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What to do if you have one of the refrigerators that is part of the latest recall

I know this isn't something that is convenient but if you have one of the recalled refrigerators, you are supposed to stop using it until it is repaired.  You need to contact one of the following to schedule a free in-home service appointment:

You can find more details about this recall at the Consumer Product Safety Commission website here.

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