See that picture? See how happy they are at the end of their massage? Well, everyone was surprised the business was doing what they thought they were doing all along!

I don't know when or why it started, but people look at Massage Parlors differently than they do spas. A spa you respect. A Massage Parlor might be totally legit (probably are in 98% of the cases), but you look at 'em, and you think, "Hmm...I wonder what they REALLY do in there."

Well this time, it was exactly what you thought it was. According to the Austin Daily Herald,

At least one woman is facing charges for prostitution after the Austin Police Department, Rochester Police Department and Southeast Minnesota Violent Crimes Enforcement Team partnered for an undercover investigation of an Austin massage parlor on Monday.

Police ran a sting, based on an add they found in, and they arrested the one woman in the place. Tho the parlor is in Austin, they think it's run out of Rochester.

All kidding aside, with the human trafficking that goes on, there may be women brought to this area and forced to work in the parlors. Don't believe me?

Or just listen...


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