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The Rochester Girls show are coming back this Friday, April 23rd. The 18+ party, "Here You Come Again," is at the Rochester International Event Center! Music'll be by DJ Keez and Ever After.

Have you ever been to a drag show? Well, they're a hoot and a holler and wildly welcoming and fun. If you'd like to go, the only way to get the $15 tickets is here at eventbrite.com. There'll be no walk up tickets sold.

Masks are required and social distancing will be enforiced.

If you'd like to go, but don't know what to expect, let's go back to 2018 when I had a great conversation with the Twin Cities MC, Morgan Taylor, that is worth listening to again.

What are some do's and Don't of going to a drag show? 

It's an 18 and up show, so while there's alcohol there, there will be plenty of people not drinking, so do feel welcome to do either.

Do listen and understand if someone corrects you about a pronoun or name.

Do click the poster to visit and follow Rochester Girls Inc.

Tip! The drag kings and queens spend their own money preparing a performance wardrobe, they look amazing and every bit helps. Feel free to make it rain!

If you don't want to tip as they're on the catwalk, walk up to 'em later, and hand over da cash.

You. Be. You. This is a safe space.

Click for link to Rochester Girls Inc Facebook Page (Rochester Girls Inc.)
Click for link to Rochester Girls Inc Facebook Page (Rochester Girls Inc.)

If it is your first time, let someone know so they can fuss over you!

Everyone 18 and up is welcome. Everyone. LGBTQ or not, doesn't matter. You. Are. Welcome. I'm serious about it being a safe space. I've been to a LOT of drag shows, you will find love, acceptance, excitement, fun, and no judgments (unless you're a jerk-head-crap-face and are super rude, then, yeah, there might be some judgin'). 

Talk to people! It's the best way to have fun, make new friends, and show support.

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