With the 4th of July just around the corner, everyone is super excited for a day off.  Yeah, you thought I was going to say fireworks. ;0  People are excited about that as well.  Unfortunately, flooding has already canceled one huge 4th of July event.  Sadly, word just got out that another huge fireworks display has also been canned for the upcoming holiday.

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EvgeniyQ ThinkStock

Flooding Disasters In Minnesota and Iowa Now Cancelling 4th of July Events

We've all been watching the heartbreaking videos and photos of flooding throughout Minnesota and Iowa that have surfaced these past few weeks.

If you missed it, Valleyfair in Minnesota even had to temporarily close three of their popular rides due to flooding at their location.  Parking on-site was also not allowed due to water consuming its lots.  Valleyfair is still open but parking opportunities have changed.  If you are visiting, you can check out where to park here.

Now, the flooding is causing additional changes and this time it involves some 4th of July celebrations.

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 4th of July Fireworks Show Cancelled at Valleyfair in Minnesota

Thanks to the rising waters, Valleyfair in Minnesota had to make another difficult decision.  If you were hoping to catch an amazing fireworks show at Valleyfair, you still can, it just isn't going to happen on July 4th.

"Valleyfair...announced it has cancelled the Fourth of July Fireworks show and temporarily revised its daily operating hours due to the continued impact from Minnesota River flooding."

- Valleyfair

According to the Valleyfair website, they are rescheduling the fireworks for later in the season.  That date has not been announced as of the time this story was published.


Valleyfair in Minnesota Encouraging All Future Guests To Check Latest Updates Before Visiting

Several procedures are in place that differ from a normal visit to Valleyfair.  Changes include what can be brought into the park, places you are allowed to park, and statements on re-entry and refunds.  Before you visit the park, Valleyfair is encouraging all guests to check the latest updates regarding flooding at their website here.  Parking information can also be found here as well as answers to some frequently asked questions.

The 5 Most Popular Rides at Valleyfair

Valleyfair is located in Shakopee, Minnesota. The 125-acre amusement park features over 75 rides. Keep scrolling to see the 5 most popular according to valleyfair.com.

Gallery Credit: Troy Dunken

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