My kids heard that there were free donuts happening in Rochester on National Donut Day and they asked if I would take the day off so I could take them to grab one. 🍩 The bossman said "no" to that day off for me, but check out where you can score a free donut.

The Salvation Army in Rochester shared the exciting news on their Facebook page that they are mixing up their classic recipe and getting ready to hand out free donuts on Friday.

We are so grateful to our incredible volunteers for everything they do- this week, it's making the original WWI recipe for #NationalDonutDay!
We hope to see you all between 7 and 11am at Soldier's Field Veterans Memorial on June 5! Yes, you can drive by to get your free donuts and coffee  - Rochester, MN Salvation Army Facebook Page


Wake up early, put a hat on, and load the kids up in the car for a fun outing and grab your free donut on National Donut Day!  Learn more about this fun and free event for the community here.

To all of the volunteers and staff that are helping make this happen for the community...Thank YOU!

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