What do you do when the power goes out? Well, the first thing I think is, "I wonder how hard it'd be to wash my hands?" And so, I found out. And so did Conway Kitty.

Fun Fact: Most country stations have a cat. It lurks around mostly in the Townsquare Media - Rochester basement, but officially Conway Kitty is a part of the Quick Country staff. Curt, Samm, Val, and Conway. Meow.

I am NOT a cat guy. Can't stand 'em. Literally, I'm super allergic. To me, as Snoopy said, they're the crabgrass on the lawn of life. But, I'll admit, I don't mind Conway so much. I mean, he's never around when I am... except today!

Argh. Anyway, with apologies to Conway's tail and paw, I present a video with a super catchy title, "During Power Outage James Rabe Tries to Wash Hands and It Doesn't Go Well."

Don't worry. No animals were harmed in the making of this masterpiece...