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Go find those Easter baskets that have been in storage for a year because the Easter egg hunts are back on the calendar!  Below are 9 Easter Egg hunts, parades, and fun activities that are happening in Southeast Minnesota this weekend.  There is even one that is giving away a bike!

Easter Egg Hunts in Southeast Minnesota

If you've been looking for a fun Easter egg hunt this year, look no further! Below are a bunch of hunts that are happening throughout Southeast Minnesota in 2021.

I know a few people were looking for restaurants that are having an Easter brunch this year too.  I did some digging and found a bunch of places that are serving up some amazing meals on Sunday.  Keep scrolling and you will find it below.

Mom Tip:  If you don't have a fancy Easter basket for your kids to use as they hunt for eggs, don't worry about going out and buying anything fancy.  If you've got a paper bag from HyVee or another store when you got groceries, let your kids decorate it with markers and make it their own!  Or, just use a plastic bag or fabric bag to gather up the delicious treats.

Parents, since we haven't really had "events" in a year for our kids, here are a few reminders for you that go along with our new normal:

  • Bring a mask for everyone!  If you know your child is forgetful, bring an extra so they can still participate.  Nothing worse than getting to an event and finding out that your child dropped their mask somewhere - never to be found again.
  • Remember the water!  Your kiddos are going to be hustling to get the most eggs ever and will probably be extremely thirsty.
  • Easter outfits could get grass stains.  A few of these events above have hunts outside which means there is a good chance your little one will fall and could possibly get a grass stain.  Picture perfect Easter outfits are not necessary...unless you love getting grass stains out of clothes.
  • Have fun!  A bunch of people will probably be enjoying these fun activities with you.  Remember to have fun, share with the kids that maybe don't get as many eggs as you, and smile under that mask.  Be the best example of "kind" that you can be...even if others don't show it to you.

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Places in Rochester Serving a Brunch on Easter Sunday

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