Lime rolled into town last summer and according to the company, Rochester riders traveled more than 60K miles on them!  They'll be back this year if you haven't ridden one, but want to, you can get 5 tips on what to expect here.

Monday evening the Rochester City Council approved a contract with Lime to allow the scooter company to relaunch in Rochester this month. Lime will have 200 scooters and 25 e-bikes around town at first and could have as many as 300 scooters and 50 e-bikes later this summer.

Nick Lemmer, RPT communications coordinator and spokesperson for Arrive Rochester said, "Scooters and e-bikes are fast and efficient. They also provide an alternative in transportation networks as commuters and transit agencies work to find new ways to move around efficiently in a time of lower bus occupancy due to physical distancing."

The City of Rochester sent a press release that explained how Lime is going to address nuisance riding on sidewalks: "Lime is committed to making Rochester one of the first cities in the Midwest to pilot their exclusive ​sidewalk riding detection technology​, making it one of only a few cities throughout the world implementing this new safety innovation."​

The mobility company also has a COVID-19 plan in place to keep riders and employees safe which includes, "enhanced cleaning methods and increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting scooters."

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