I cringed so hard when I saw the video below showing a woman crashing and burning on a Lime Scooter. She said she got hurt but is healing up. Expect to see more videos like this as these scooters become more popular around the country.

*Video shared with permission

The Washington Post just published a story where they interviewed emergency room doctors from across the country - all of which said there has been a spike in serious scooter-related injuries. The major scooter companies, Bird, Lime and Skip, responded to that article by saying their apps and labels on the scooters contain basic safety information, as well as training instructions.

Lime offers these safety tips on their website:

  • Always follow helmet laws
  • Park properly by curbside
  • Do a pre-ride safety check
  • Apply brakes to slow down/stop
  • Be mindful of road obstructions
  • Always follow traffic laws

Have fun. Be safe!

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