Farrah Abraham seems to be absolutely unbothered by naysayers after she allowed her 13-year-old daughter Sophia to pierce her septum.

The 16 and Pregnant star documented the moment in a video on TikTok. In it, Sophia appeared calm, cool and collected while the piercer went to work.

Abraham explained that the piercing was her daughter's birthday wish in the accompanying caption. She also celebrated how brave Sophia was about the procedure.

"She did better then her COVID shot," the proud mom boasted.

Check out the video below:

The piercing was met with a mixed reaction in the comments section. Some TikTok users appeared to argue that Sophia was too young. However, many came to Abraham's defense.

"She's 13 and expressing herself in a controlled, safe environment with support and supervision of her parent. I see nothing wrong here," one user commented.

"Half y'all complaining probably took your 2 month old to Walmart to have their ears pierced," someone pointed out.

Another claimed that they pierced their own belly button using a safety pin when they were Sophia's age. Abraham appeared to be hoping to avoid this; in a separate comment she said that she was grateful the piercing was done professionally instead of in a similar DIY fashion.

The star shared more insight into the decision in a statement to TMZ.

Abraham explained that she wasn't totally "for it" [the piercing] but rather looked at the situation realistically.

For starters, she pointed out that there was a generational difference: "I think her generation of 13 is much different than my generation of 13," Abraham said.

She again stressed that she was grateful the procedure was done in a safe environment. "I would rather it be by a professional, sanitized and clean, than my teen going, sneaking off and doing it herself, getting an infection and what not." Fair point.

Plus, Abraham stressed that the piercing was totally legal.

"To those who might feel that it's inappropriate that my daughter got her nose professionally done, legally done, I'm all about being legal," she said. "We abided by the law. I am doing my best as a parent to make sure that she is healthy and happy, and I covered those bases. So congratulations to Sophia."

Although she wasn't necessarily a fan of the septum piercing, Abraham doesn't seem to regret the decision. In fact, she told TMZ that she'd support additional piercings in the future. (She was unsure about her teen getting a tattoo, though.)

Abraham continued to celebrate her daughter's birthday with a sweet post on Instagram. She shared a photo of the pair posing in what she defined as "grunge" style and also showed off some photos of Sophia from a birthday photo shoot.

"Love you my 13 year old! I’m very proud of you! Wishing you the best teen years of your life," Abraham gushed.

Check out the pics below:

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