Some of you are not going to be heartbroken by what I'm about to tell you.  Sadly, a company with several locations in Minnesota will be closing all of its stores this weekend.

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Fiddlehead Coffee Co. in Minnesota Just Announced All Minnesota Locations Will Be Closing

I'm absolutely shocked right now.  A coffee company that has been part of the Rochester, Minnesota community for the past 6 years just announced that these next few days are their last.


It is with heavy disbelieving hearts that we announce our closing effective this weekend. Rochester, you gave us amazing memories over these last 6 years but the universe has other plans for us. With our owner Patrick still so sick after 2.5 years and an array of other struggles, financial and otherwise, we are forced to see what else the world has in store for us. We want to thank all our Fiddlehead family over the years.... our employees, our customers, our subscribers, our investors, and the many other local businesses we've gotten to work with - even our landlords have been amazing! We take so much love with us as we embark on what's next and could not be more grateful and humbled by all your support over the years.
Please keep drinking local coffee and loving each other! Find the coffee companies that truly care where their coffee comes from.



Come say goodbye!
Going away “parties”:
Kahler Hotel location - Friday 6-3
Bloomington location - Saturday 7-2
Avani location - Sunday 7-2
Love to you all!


Thank you, Fiddlehead, for the memories...and the coffee these past few years!

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