Southeast Minnesota might be hard for someone in Hollywood to find on a map but we tend to have quite a few celebrities show up in our area.  And once again, a famous face was spotted at a pretty popular restaurant in Rochester.


Famous Face Spotted at Popular Rochester, Minnesota Restaurant

In case you haven't heard, a whole bunch of fun is happening this week at the Olmsted County Fairgrounds!  The carnival rides are up, the helicopter is ready for tours, and the artists are showing up for their big shows at the grandstand.  Before the show started though, one celebrity made a stop at a local restaurant for a bite to eat.

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Honored to have had actress, singer, & NYT best-selling author Jana Kramer visit Twigs last night before her big performance in Rochester, MN 😊❤️ What an incredibly kind human! - Twigs Tavern & Grille Facebook Page

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What celebrities have you spotted?

If Kelly Clarkson walked by me, I think I would freak out because I have on my bucket list to meet her someday.  She is my secret bff!  I'm not sure how that meet-up is going to happen but someday, it will.  I can't think of anyone famous that I've seen out in public though.

What about you?  Have you ever spotted a celebrity?  I know we have quite a few that work int he medical field that aren't allowed to talk about the celebrities they meet at Mayo Clinic, but Rochester is more than just that hospital.  Everyone has to eat!  Let me know if you've ever seen someone famous over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.  I'd love to hear about that encounter.

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