If you are a fan of "The Office", especially Kevin, you'll want to cancel all of your plans for Saturday, May 6th.  Yes, I know your kids might have a soccer game but you have a chance to meet Kevin in Minnesota!  Ok, it's not actually "Kevin" but it is Brian Baumgartner, the guy who played Kevin.

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Celebrity From "The Office" Coming to Minnesota on Saturday, May 6th

Not sure about you, but during the pandemic when I was home for about a million years, we binge-watched all of the Marvel movies and all of the episodes of "The Office"...twice.  I could probably quote most of the episodes.

I'm a huge fan of "The Office" and I really do think that all of the actors are just amazing.  One of my favorites though is Kevin.  If he is at the top of your list too, you actually have a chance to meet him on Saturday.  According to his Instagram page, he is going to be "hanging out at the mall, like all the cool kids do".

Where You Can Find Brian Baumgartner (aka Kevin Malone) on Saturday in Minnesota

According to Kare11, Kevin Brian Baumgartner will be at the Barnes & Noble in the Maplewood Mall from Noon until 2:00 pm on Saturday, May 6th.  He will be there to promote his book called "Seriously Good Chili Cookbook".  If you stick around, fans will have an opportunity to meet him until 4:00 pm.  Those that are true, hard-core "The Office" fans will probably want to get to the signing early because Brian will have 50 mugs with him that says "I met Kevin Malone".

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And just in case you need a reminder of why Kevin is truly the best...here you go.

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