We're getting closer and closer to December 10th and giving away the new Subaru Outback from Clements Subaru and the NEW Y-105FM! Here's everything you need to know about Finding the Love to win!!

There are only 25 Golden Tickets...and we're getting down to the last few! To get our last one, watch Facebook on Friday morning around 6AM. There'll be a photo we'll ask you to like and comment on. Then, at 5PM, we'll randomly select a winner! Just make sure to check Facebook page on Friday!!


Find the Love on Saturday December 10th, at the grand opening of the new Clements Subaru location (just east of Fleet Farm).

That's the day we're giving away the Subaru Outback two-year-lease starting at noon. Starting at 11AM, you can register at the event, then we'll randomly select one more Golden Ticket winner!

If it's you, maybe you'll be the one driving away in the brand new Subaru Outback!

You must be present to win.


  • Tracy's Number One Gift Suggestion

    And no, it's not a gift card.

    For three or four years in a row, I asked for a ____my Christmas gift, but my husband just wouldn’t take the hint.  He was afraid that if *I* was ____ then he'd be ____. What's the ultimate gift? It's old, and new...and you need it now!


    Jennifer Barrow