Rochester has a lot of homes, but how many are million-dollar homes?  I'm not sure how many homes in Rochester are worth a million bucks or more, but I did find five that are for sale right now.  And their!

I am NOT in the market for a new house right now, especially a house that is worth at least one million dollars.  The house payment of $5,000+ each month is something I just can't even fathom.  I'm not even sure I spend that much each month now on our mortgage, insurance, and all of the things moms need to raise their kids.   Ok, I just did the numbers in my head and I definitely am not anywhere close to that amount. 

It is nice to dream though, and I did some of that as I looked through all of the photos of five houses in Rochester that are for sale right now for at least one million dollars.

Check out the photos below and see if there is one that catches your eye.  I'll tell you which one is my favorite after the photos.

Million Dollar Homes For Sale in Rochester, MN

My favorite, hands down, is the house at 2949 Alderock Ln SW.  Besides the house payment, I could live here without a problem.  The look that I love is basically sitting right there.  Ah, gorgeous.  I'd have a really hard time keeping it clean with over 6,200 square feet, but it would be fun to live in this dream house.

What's your favorite house and decorating style?  I'd love to hear about what you love.  Please, send me a message on my Facebook page (Jessica On The Radio) or DM me on Instagram and let me know.

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