A couple weeks ago I posted the Top Five Weird Pictures from My Facebook Page. Since then, I found five more...everything from talking asperigus to picking a giant nose!


  • The Thrift Store Bathroom Says No!

    I don't remember which thrift store I was at, but imagine my disappointment when I realized that I would not be going home with that garbage can. Also...how many in-use bathroom garbage cans did people buy before the store figured out what was going on. I like to imagine 22. "Mary? Who keeps stealing our bathroom trashcans???"

  • The James and Cori Fargo Photo-Shoot Outtake

    Cori and I were new to Fargo, it was our first morning show photo-shoot and there are so many things wrong with this picture. But, at the same time, so much right about it. FYI: Cori and I were a team for over 10 years! Whoa.

  • In Case of Emergency, Don't Use!

    This sign was at the top of a fire escape in Twin Falls, ID.  I started at the bottom, where there was no sign. Really, you're lucky I'm here today to remember it.

  • The Picture is Fine, but That Caption!

    I went thru a phase where I wrote fake book quotes. Weird fake book quotes. ((ahem))

    "'Bobby said we can be anything we want to be...and we want to be RED!' Bobby took a deep breath before saying, 'Look, I may have OVERSTATED...' But it was too late. They grunted and groaned, trying so hard to turn red. One by one they fell silent as they realized Bobby had lied. Their disillusionment turned to anger, and, one by one, all eyes turned to Bobby!'' #notaquote


  • Stop! You are Always Picking My Nose!

    When Tracy McCray and I started doing mornings together, the company had the previous morning show billboard taken down. On the air, Tracy asked the crew to cut her head out and drop it off. She was kidding, but they did it!  Later, this hung off the roof of their home during one of Tracy's birthday parties, but first, I had some posin' to do!

    FYI: This photo taken with a disposable camera. Remember them?