By far, the Number One piece of advice women had for men was, "Put the seat back down!" But it didn't stop there. I'm not sure if this is a blog for women to sound off, or a blog packed full of solid advice for men. Maybe both? Either way, click the video to hear what women in Rochester had to say!

So, back to the terlet. If you're a guy reading this, I've had more conversations about toilet seats than anyone should have to have, and 80% of the time it ends with someone saying, "Why would they keep doing something they know makes me angry?" Something worth thinking about.

Top Responses on the Y-105FM Facebook Page...

  • Jo OBrien Here let me do that
  • Amanda Hinchley Put the toilet seat down!
  • Heidi Ellis Love me forever and always
  • Vera Herr Quit Mansplaining everything!
  • Dorothy Smith Wake up! Go to bed!
  • John N Wendy Betts Your right I was wrong!
  • Nancy Niles Listen to James every morning ☺ (#JamesAgrees!) 
  • Kayla Marie Never stop dating your wife
  • Michelle Mann Communication is the most important
  • Robin Dalen Stoen Always listen to your wife!
  • Connie Martin Stop and ask for directions!!!
  • Michelle Evans Bode We like to see emotions.

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