This gives a whole new meaning to the term "Layover"!

I haven't flown that much in my life. In fact I can still count on one hand for how many times I've traveled by plane, but if I were ever faced with a daunting layover then I would hope that I'd have the cajones to try something like this to try and get some much-needed rest.

Someone had the brilliant idea to bring their portable hammock to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport on the Fourth of July and utilize the half empty terminal by taking a quick tiger snooze before their flight left.


Brien1254 on Reddit snapped the picture above at the Delta terminal for the whole world to see and it's gone viral ever since.

Now some of you might be looking at this as inconsiderate, but since the terminal wasn't busy at the time I don't see the harm in it. Plus it doesn't look like anyone around him/her was bothered by it either so who cares? Now if several people started doing this all at once, then I can see a problem but I'm sure at that point nobody would be allowed to get away with it.

If anything I'm sure it got a smile out of passengers and airport staff that day. Hopefully they got some sleep before their flight left.

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