If you read anything on social media or read the news the last few months, you know that catalytic converters are being stolen off of vehicles in broad daylight throughout Southeast Minnesota.  That's not all that is being stolen in broad daylight though.  Over the past few weeks, several people and businesses in Rochester have noticed three additional items disappearing in the middle of the day - propane tanks, generators, and bikes.

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Propane gas cylinder, isolated on white
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Propane tanks are being stolen in Rochester

On May 20th, True Smoke BBQ exclaimed their disgust on Facebook when they learned that someone stole their propane tanks and connectors on their big pit that was just outside their restaurant on Elton Hills Drive in NW Rochester.

This isn't the first time propane tanks have been stolen in this area.  Our family used to own a business very close to True Smoke BBQ and our extremely large propane tanks went missing as well a few years ago.

Portable electric generator running in the cold winter.
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Generators stolen off a food truck in Rochester

On May 27th, news started spreading about a theft at Lucy's Tacos, which is a food truck on North Broadway.  Their generator was taken and a police report was filed.

Illustration of mountain bike
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Bicycles are being stolen in downtown Rochester and inside garages

We've got the bike lanes in downtown Rochester and although we don't have a huge amount of riders using their 2 wheels to commute, some do.  Unfortunately, these are disappearing. Even the bikes that are locked up.

I've seen multiple people posting on Facebook where people have stated they locked their bike up in downtown Rochester but now are asking people to keep an eye out for it because it is now gone.  There was even one individual that had one stolen out of their garage.

Stealing is wrong...so stop it!...but did you know you also can't have these animals in Rochester?

I don't have a criminal mind so I don't understand how someone can take something that doesn't belong to them.  It just messes up life for so many people so if this is you, stop it.  But, you could be breaking the law and not even knowing it if you have one of the animals on the list below at your house.

Animals You Aren't Allowed to Have as a Pet in Rochester, Minnesota

Below are the animals that we are not allowed to own as pets here in Rochester, Minnesota according to the City of Rochester Code of Ordinances under Sec. 3-1-4. - Prohibited wild animal.

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